Effect of Yogi Government order, 125 loudspeakers were removed
Effect of Yogi Government order, 125 loudspeakers were removed

Over the last few months, loudspeakers across the country have been the subject of debate. The Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh has taken steps to remove illegal loudspeakers from religious sites. Over 125 loudspeakers have already been removed, and 17,000 people have taken voluntary steps to lower the volume of loudspeakers in response to the government’s order.

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125 loudspeakers removed

Avneesh Awasthi, Additional Chief Secretary for Home, told PTI, “An order was issued on Saturday removing loudspeakers from places of worship in the state.” The districts have been asked to submit a compliance report by April 30.

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‘Police are to coordinate and communicate with religious leaders in order to remove illegal loudspeakers,’ he said. ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar described steps taken so far including the removal of 125 loudspeakers and while 17 thousand individuals have reduced the volume of their own loudspeakers.

CM Yogi ordered

Since Eid falls on April 19 and Akshaya Tritiya falls on the same day, as well as other important religious festivals in the next few days, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed that microphones be used during festivals. The sound should remain within the premises, though.

According to him, public events and locations should not be obstructed by loudspeakers to avoid inconvenience to others. It was said by CM Yogi that no procession/religious procession should be taken out without the permission of the organizer and that an affidavit should be obtained before permission can be granted.

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His opinion is that permission should only be given to religious procession events that are traditional; no new events should be given permission unnecessarily. There have been new orders for loudspeakers not only in UP but also in other states of the country.

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