What is Instagram Dual Reels
What is Instagram Dual Reels

By sharing the photo, some Instagram users are pleading with Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri to bring back the previous version of the app. They should leave Instagram alone, according to a lot of people. Actually, this user post was made in response to the modification to Instagram reels. It’s important to note that Instagram recently released a lot of new features. Dual Template and Instagram Dual are included.

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For the reels, the company has incorporated a function called Dual Template. All videos on the platform that are under 15 minutes will now automatically be converted to reels. Users will be able to use both the front and back cameras at once to create a reel with the Instagram Dual function. However, many users are finding it challenging to utilize Instagram as a result of the introduction of these features.

What is Instagram Dual Reels?

Utilizing both the rear and front cameras at once is now possible with Instagram’s dual feature. The front camera’s footage only appears in a small window on the screen, while the rear camera’s footage takes up the majority of the screen real estate.

How to use Instagram Dual feature

For the Instagram Dual feature to work, you must launch the Instagram app. In the top right corner, click the plus sign to continue. From here, select “Reel”. Now, you can choose from a list of options on the left. Here, pressing the down arrow will reveal all the possibilities. Click the Dual Camera icon now. Then, to begin recording, click on the record icon that is located in the center. You can add effects, music, and other elements to the video after it has been recorded.

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It’s important to note that any Instagram videos under 15 minutes will appear as reels on the website. Instagram wants people to create more reels as part of its goal to become a video-first platform, which was previously disclosed.

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