Fashion Bloggers in Kerala
Fashion Bloggers in Kerala

Around the globe, influencers are springing up everywhere. Creative and talented individuals, create entertaining and informative content. Kerala Influencers have beautiful feeds on their social media platforms where they talk about different fashion styles and beauty tips.

Best Fashion Influencers in Kerala

The pictures posted by these Kerala bloggers look like they belong in a magazine. Having aesthetically curated photos isn’t easy being an influencer, a lot of effort goes into retaining followers and increasing engagement. The work that appears to be easy often involves a lot of hard work.

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Influencers nowadays are no longer limited to celebrities; we also have Instagram and YouTube personalities who have quite a taste in fashion, influencing the fashionable youth of Kerala. You should follow these Kerala Fashion Bloggers. Here are the Top 10 Fashion Bloggers from Kerala, must follow them.

Top Fashion Instagram Influencers from Kerala, India

Jumana Khan (@jumana_khan_)

A well-known Malayali fashion blogger who lives in Dubai, Jumana Khan. TikTok and YouTube are also popular with her. The fashion sense of Jumana is known to be hijab-influenced. Her Instagram account is full of perfectly curated photos that show off her sense of style and clothing preferences. With 4.8M followers on her Instagram. She is extremely talented at what she does and is good at what she does. Today she is known as the well-known fashion influencer of Kerala.

Ahaana Krishna (@ahaana_krishna)

Ahaana is an actress who is popular and talented with a great sense of fashion. Malayalis were captivated by her role in LUCA. Her Instagram following is 2.4M, and she also has a YouTube channel. She started her blogging from Kerala and today she is known as a famous personality and influencer of India. Her vacations and family photos are frequently posted on her Instagram account.

Unnimaya (@simplymystyle_unni)

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Through her Instagram content, this young lady has attracted many followers. On her page, she has reviewed and recommended many products. Today, she is included in the list of top fashion bloggers of Kerala by developing her own image as a digital content creator. With 279K followers on Instagram, her videos and creative content have made Unnimaya an instant celebrity.

Shaun Romy (@shaunromy)

Shaun is an actress in M town known for her roles in Kammatipaadam and Lucifer. She is an individualistic stylist, and her fashion style is bold. She has 207k Instagram followers and is quite popular for her lifestyle sense and trending outfit. Once you are on Shaun’s Instagram page, you can’t stop scrolling.

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Unaisa Subair (@unaisa_subair )

Unaisa Subair is a naval architect and a fashion influencer. At Zak Makeover, she does makeup bookings as well as owns her own modest wear line, Zak Attire. Besides her YouTube channel, it is shared by her husband and her as well. Being a great content creator, over the years, she has grown her reputation as an influencer in Kerala. She has more than 179k followers on her Instagram profile. In addition to posting pictures of her outfits, she also posts pictures of her husband.

Zaina Jinan (@thelifeofjinan)

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She is a fashion influencer who focuses mainly on modest fashion. Zaina has 174K Instagram followers and continues to grow. With a vision to change the fashion outlook, today Zaina Jinan is counted among the Best Lifestyle Influencers in Kerala. Many of the women on her feed enjoy her hijab-styled pictures which inspire them to get creative with their looks.

Apoorva Bose (@apoorvabose07)

An Actress and law student Apoorva is elegant and has a great sense of fashion. She appears in both western and Indian clothing, looking comfortable in both. Apoorva has over 129K Instagram followers. Apart from being a renowned fashion blogger from Kerala, she loves to travel. In addition to her singing and travels, she posts pictures of Sarees, because of which everyone keeps admiring her Instagram.

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Akhila Mohan (@akhila_mohan)

Akhila is a model, basketball player, and Tiktok sensation. In addition, she appeared in the movie Happy Sardar. Her Instagram account has around 77.6K followers where she posts pictures of her modeling. With a beautiful flair for fashion, she is considered by everyone to be a fashion sensation and this title keeps her among the top fashion bloggers in Kerala. She is seen to have a very cute and charming personality as well as inspiring many with the variety of fashion choices available.

Blush with Ash (@blushwithash )

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An Instagram channel with more than 52.3k followers is Blush with Ash, also she has a youtube channel with a massive number of subscribers. Ash posts videos about beauty and fashion. A look at her social media channel proves that she does not only have fashion-savvy but is an inspiration to many youngsters. Additionally, she is very active on her Instagram where she shares pictures of her looks and short videos about different products.

Naznin Abdulla (@nazninabdulla )

Her own style statement comes from her education at NIFT, the country’s prestigious fashion institute. She demonstrates her artistic talent and fashion sense on her page. Naznin is a lover of travel and fashion. Instagram is one of those accounts that you can’t resist scrolling through. After entering Kerala’s top fashion bloggers, today she shares her lifestyle with a retro look on social media.

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