Best Hair Salons In Kolkata
Best Hair Salons In Kolkata

Taking care of your hair every day and giving it a new look is no easy task! In this case, housewives, businessmen, female celebrities, artists, actors understand the importance of hairstylists more deeply. How would you feel if you are in Kolkata and looking for a luxury hair salon where top hairstylists in Kolkata take care of your hair? Thinking about it brings a good feeling and the idea of imagining a new hair look appears in the mind.

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Top Hair Salons in Kolkata whose popularity and demand have made them top beauty salon brands

Nowadays fashion trends are changing, and hair look & care has become an important part of the makeover. In this changing trend of lifestyle, the demand for hairstylists and professional hair salons is also increasing very much after this COVID-19. Talking about hair stylists, hair salons, and professional hair specialists, there are very few in Kolkata who are known as the best hairstylist & hairdresser experts. You might have heard about many of these Top Hairstylists in Kolkata before and you might be doing hair treatments from them. Although the count of Top Hair Salons in Kolkata does not end there, in this article, we are telling about the Top 10 Hair Salons in Kolkata, whose hair makeover style is discussed not only in Kolkata but all over Bengal.

Top Professional Hair Stylist in Kolkata who have rocked social media with their new hair trend

If you are looking for Best Luxury Hair Salon & Hair Stylist in Kolkata then your search ends here and you will be able to know the names of these top 10 hair beauty salons from Kolkata. All these hairstylists are called experts in Kolkata. Be it a celebrity hair look or any wedding hair look, all these hair salons have taken their brand to different levels everywhere. That is why today they have been kept in the count of top luxury hair salons of Kolkata. All these top Kolkata’s hairstylists keep going viral on social media because of their new hair look trend.

Top 10 Popular Hair Salons In Kolkata Whose Hairstyles Will Make You Visit:

1) June Tomkyns – Top Hair Salon in Kolkata

June Tomkyns Salon is a well-known and popular luxury hair salon in Kolkata, which has been providing an excellent and stylist hair care service to customers for decades. Among the many celebrity clients of June Tomkyns Salon are Moon Moon Sen, Koel Mullick, Raima, Riya Sen, as well as politicians and representatives from the Tollywood industry. This salon is known for its work enthusiasm, years of experience, and great hair looks in Kolkata. The salon has won awards for its excellent service quality, which is a major reason for its high ranking.

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2) Eye Catchers – Best Hair Stylist in Kolkata

There are few salon chains as popular as Eye Catchers. Staff members at Eye Catchers include hairstylists, groomers, specialists in skin care, and hair salon and skin experts. Eye Catchers is the best salon you should visit if you’re looking for a new hairstyle to bring out the best in you.

3) Be Bonnie – Best Hair Salon in Kolkata

To give a gorgeous hair glimpse into your hair with a stylish hair trend, Be Bonnie is the perfect hair salon in Kolkata. Due to its experience, outstanding service, and sharp appearance, Be Bonnie Salon is ranked among the best hair salons in Kolkata.

4) TONI&GUY Salon – Best Hairdressing Salon in Kolkata

5) Jawed Habib Salon – Top Hair and Beauty Salon Kolkata

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6) Head Turners – Best Hair Spa & Beauty Salon

7) Bridgette Jones – Hair Salon Kolkata

8) Colors Salon – Kolkata’s Luxury Hair Salon

9) Lakme Salon 

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10) Juice

I hope you have read about all these top hairstylists, hairdressers, and hair salons of Kolkata, and they have been ranked according to their enthusiasm, passion, and fame. Finding luxurious hair salons and hairdressers in Kolkata is now easier thanks to this website. The following is a list of the top 10 hair salons in Kolkata with their services, ratings, and customer reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A) Are all these top hair salons only in Kolkata?

Yes, and some of them also have chains in India

B) Do all these hair salon brands accept online payment?


C) Given the top 10 hair salons in Kolkata are open on Sundays as well?

Most are open, yet contact before going.

D) Do all these salons also provide bridal makeup services?

Most are Yes, yet contact before going.

E) Who among these is the best hairdresser in Kolkata?

Looking at their ratings, reviews, and popularity, this list of top 10 hairdressers in Kolkata has been made, in which you can choose your choice.

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