Huge fire broke out in Mantralaya building in Bhopal
Huge fire broke out in Mantralaya building in Bhopal

Bhopal Fire: At the Madhya Pradesh capital of Bhopal, on the third floor of Vallabh Bhavan (the Ministry), a large fire broke out. There are reports that the fire is so intense that smoke plumes can be seen in the distance.

The source states that early on Saturday morning, a large fire started on the third floor of the Ministry, or Vallabh Bhavan, in Arera Hills. The ministry building was aflutter as soon as the fire started. According to reports, the large building’s third story is where the fire started, between gates 5 and 6.

Many firefighter vehicles arrived at the scene simultaneously as soon as word of the tragedy spread. The second and third levels of the fire have been brought under control, and attempts are underway to put out the fire on the fourth floor, according to Zone-2 DCP Shraddha Tiwari. He promised to securely extract anyone who was stuck within the building.

On the incident of fire at Vallabh Bhavan State Secretariat in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh CM Mohan Yadav says, “It has come to my knowledge that a fire broke out on the third floor of the old building of Vallabh Bhavan. Based on the information received from the Collector, I told the CS to monitor it – that detailed information on the incident be gathered and I have also been told that the fire has been brought under control. We have issued directions to ensure that no such incident occurs again…I hope that no such incident occurs again…”

Allow us to inform you that the largest office in the state government is Vallabh Bhawan. This location houses the offices of numerous ministers, including the Chief Minister. Here at Vallabh Bhawan, numerous government department records are also stored.

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