Pankaj Tripathi father Banaras Tiwari passed away
Pankaj Tripathi father Banaras Tiwari passed away

Sad news for Pankaj Tripathi came while ‘OMG 2‘ was enjoying success. Banaras Tiwari, the father of actor Pankaj Tripathi, has passed away. In his native village Balsand, Bihar, 99-year-old Banaras Tripathi passed away. Pankaj Tripathi, on the other hand, left for Gopalganj as soon as he learned of his father’s passing.

Pankaj Tripathi’s father struggled with health issues as he aged, and as a result, at the age of 99, he passed away.

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The family of Pankaj Tripathi has released an official statement in which it is stated that Banaras Tiwari’s final rites will be done today in front of his close friends and family.

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