Is Sourav Ganguly's wife Dona going to Rajya Sabha
Is Sourav Ganguly's wife Dona going to Rajya Sabha

Various sources are speculating that Dona Ganguly will be nominated to the Rajya Sabha by the President. Dona Ganguly is the wife of former Team India captain Sourav Ganguly. The speculation began after Union Home Minister Amit Shah had dinner at Sourav Ganguly’s house.

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We would like to tell you that Dona has been trained in Odissi dance. Her classical dance career continues internationally. According to Dilip Ghosh, the BJP‘s National Vice President, Dona Ganguly was mentioned in a conversation with journalists on Monday.

Reporters were told that Dilip Ghosh, a Rajya Sabha member from a wide range of fields, nominated eminent people from different fields. We would be delighted if he nominated someone from West Bengal as well. Moreover, he said it would be better if a West Bengal such as Dona Ganguly was nominated by the President to join the Rajya Sabha. State chief of the Bharatiya Janata Party Sukanta Majumdar declined to comment.

The matter is an internal party matter, so speaking to the media is not appropriate, according to Sukant Majumdar. The central leadership is the sole authority in such matters. Sourav Ganguly would be a good fit for the Rajya Sabha, he said. Former journalist Swapna Dasgupta from West Bengal and Rajya Sabha member Roopa Ganguly are both about to finish their terms. Former Union Home Minister Amit Shah was recently in West Bengal for a three-day visit. As part of this, Amit Shah visited Sourav Ganguly’s Kolkata residence on May 6 for dinner.

On May 6, Home Minister Amit Shah dined at Sourav Ganguly’s house

According to a BJP associate, Amit Shah, Sukant Majumdar, and Shubhendu Adhikari, the leader of the opposition in the West Bengal Assembly, dined at Sourav Ganguly’s house. Dona Ganguly was discussed as a potential candidate for the Rajya Sabha. A dance performance by Dona Ganguly was held at the Victoria Memorial the same day. Home Minister Amit Shah was also present. The two had arrived for dinner at Dona Ganguly’s house with him.

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BJP had discussed declaring Sourav Ganguly as its chief ministerial face before the West Bengal assembly elections last year.

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