Australia China Conflict Updates
Australia China Conflict Updates

In the midst of the Ukraine war, war clouds now loom over China and Australia. Australian officials have acknowledged that tensions with China are rising and could lead to war. US forces are currently stationed in Australia, thanks to an OCUS deal, and have deployed thousands of troops, missiles, artillery, rockets, and drone aircraft there. American soldiers will teach Australia’s military how to use these weapons.

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According to the report from DailyMail, 2200 US Marines will be in the northern region of Australia from September. 250 US infantry personnel are being deployed for the first time, according to the Defense Force of Australia. The US troops are part of Washington’s Indo-Pacific initiative to prepare for an invasion of Taiwan by China in the near future.

First 1000 US Marines arrive in Australia  

A conflict with China should not be underestimated, Defense Minister Peter Dutton said in September. Russia’s attack on Ukraine and China’s annexation of Taiwan is keeping the world’s attention. In addition to this deployment of US Marines, there has also been greater cooperation between the two countries’ air forces. There have already been 1000 US Marines deployed to Australia.

In response to crises in the region, the Australian Army will be trained by the Marines. Assistance to US embassies, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief fall under this category. The troops are stationed in Darwin, which is close to the southeast Asian nation and the world’s busiest sea route. The deployment of US forces is significant for this reason. Australian and American forces will exchange live fire during the training. As part of the announcement, an Australian minister announced that if a dictatorial rule in the Indo-Pacific persists, credible military power would be used.

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