Facebook restrict Russian media
Facebook restrict Russian media

Facebook’s parent company Meta has made a big decision in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Meta Russian Media will block both RT and Sputnik in the European Union. The information has been provided by the organization’s Global Affairs Director Nick Clegg on Tuesday (Indian time).

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RT and Sputnik are Russian state-run media outlets that Meta will block across all its platforms. According to Nick Clegg, the company has received requests from the European Union and several governments.

Several governments and the EU have requested that additional action be taken against the Russian state-controlled media. At this time, RT and Sputnik will not be available in the EU due to the exceptional circumstances of the current situation.

The demand in Europe

The government has asked Meta to take action regarding Russian state media platforms. Clegg has stated that Meta constantly works with governments on this issue. RT and Sputnik, Russia’s state-controlled media outlets, were discussed by the European Union on Sunday.

Google has also implemented restrictions

Canada’s telecom operators have also banned RT channels. Media coverage in Russia has become a significant issue for tech companies during the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. This attack is described by Russia as a ‘special operation’. Meta wasn’t the only company taking action against Russian state-run media. YouTube and Google parent company Alphabet Inc. also took action.

Twitter and Facebook impact

YouTube has banned Russian media channels from earning revenue through advertising. Google has also taken numerous steps since then. On Twitter, RT and Sputnik have been banned from advertising since 2017. Further, technology companies are playing a major factor in the ongoing Russia Ukraine tension. Also, Russia has taken many tough steps against tech companies. Russia restricts access to Twitter and Facebook.

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