British PM Boris Johnson can resign anytime
British PM Boris Johnson can resign anytime

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally agreed to step down as leader of the Conservative Party (Tory). However, he will remain in the post of Prime Minister till the new leader is elected. This information was provided in the news that was reported by “Downing Street.”

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Until the Conservative Party convention has chosen a new leader, Johnson, 58, will continue to be in command of “10 Downing Street.” In October, the party will have its convention. On actual Thursday, he is predicted to make his resignation official.

New finance minister also asked for resignation

Johnson’s resignation was asked by Nadeem Jahavi, the nation’s new finance minister, just before this news broke. Just 36 hours after Johnson named him the new finance minister, he made this demand. Jahavi criticized Johnson’s leadership in a letter, writing, “Prime Minister, you know in your heart that what would be the appropriate choice… now go.”

Resignation of more than 50 ministers and MPs

More than 50 ministers and MPs have so far resigned expressing no confidence in British PM Boris Johnson. The level of distrust in the government is so high that Michelle Donelan, who was appointed minister 36 hours earlier, also announced her resignation. 17 cabinet ministers, 12 parliamentary secretaries, and 4 representatives of foreign governments had all resigned as of Wednesday night.

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All of the MPs and ministers who left raised concerns about Johnson’s management style, the lockdown party, and the sexual misconduct allegations against some leaders.

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