Canadian woman affected by climate change
Canadian woman affected by climate change

A Canadian woman has become the first sufferer of climate change, according to reports. This lady has a breathing problem. According to doctors examining the patient, the patient’s health condition was caused by a heatwave and poor air quality. Canadian senior citizen from British Columbia suffers from severe asthma.

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A report in the Canada daily newspaper The Times Columnist indicates that’, treating doctor Kelly Maritt used the word climate change while writing the patient’s diagnosis for the first time in 10 years.

June brought the worst heatwave Canada has ever faced, along with the Coronavirus (Covid-19 Pandemic) pandemic. Forest fires spread smog all around after this. This made the air even more polluted. In addition to living in a trailer, the elderly climate change patients are over 70 years old. Since Lu, he had been having breathing problems, for which he was treated by Dr. Merritt.

Dr. Merritt said, “The patient has diabetes. He also has some heart issues. Her trailer is without air conditioning. Therefore, the heat and heat have adversely affected his health. She is really having trouble staying hydrated.’ According to Dr. Merritt, identifying and treating the underlying causes is much more important than treating the patients’ symptoms.

In June, British Colombians were subjected to severe heatwave conditions, according to the report. More than 500 people died from this. For the next 2-3 months, the air quality has deteriorated 40 times.

An annual study published in the science journal Lancet Countdown has found that more Canadians than ever before are experiencing serious health risks owing to extreme heat and heatwaves, wildfires. There was a sweltering heatwave in Lytton, British Columbia, for weeks. 570 Canadians and hundreds of Americans died as a result of the heatwave.

This woman is suffering from climate change while countries around the world worry about climate change and carbon emissions. Modi was among the heads of state who called for a reduction in carbon emissions at the recently concluded COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

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