These passengers will be able to travel by flight only with the advice of the doctor
These passengers will be able to travel by flight only with the advice of the doctor

DGCA Latest Rule: It is crucial for you to stay up to speed with this info if you enjoy flying as well. The DGCA has significantly altered the regulations governing air travel. In accordance with the new regulation, doctors rather than airline firms will determine whether a disabled customer is fit to fly. Only that person will be barred from the aircraft if the doctor objects to boarding for any legitimate reason during the examination.

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Must follow doctor’s advice

The airline will not refuse to transport any customer on the basis of handicap, according to a directive issued to airline operators by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the governing body for airline businesses. The traveler will need to see a doctor if the airline believes the passenger’s health could deteriorate during the flight. A doctor will discuss the passenger’s medical condition. The passenger’s medical condition will determine whether or not they are able to fly. Only the doctor’s recommendations will be considered by the airline industry when making decisions.

Why was this decision taken?

Let me explain that the DGCA made this order in response to the Ranchi airport incident, in which IndiGo refused to let a youngster with a disability board the plane. Additionally, there was a great deal of protest against this incident. Indigo’s actions were met with stern punishment from the DGCA, which also levied a Rupees 5 lakh fine.

Indigo fined Rs 5 lakh

In the explanation provided by IndiGo, it was said that a crippled youngster was not permitted to board the Ranchi–Hyderabad trip because of concerns for passenger safety. The youngster appeared to be terrified. Following this, the DGCA punished Indigo severely by imposing a fine of Rs 5 lakh and declaring that the employees’ improper behavior had made matters worse.

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