Facebook offering opportunity to earn money
Facebook offering opportunity to earn money

Facebook Reels have been launched globally. There is good news for those who share reels, i.e. short videos, on Facebook. Around 150 countries around the world are able to access Facebook Reels. Users of Android and iOS can use it. In the year 2020, Facebook Reels competed with Tiktok for the first time.

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook Reels will offer creators the opportunity to earn. Facebook will soon introduce a new feature for this purpose. Facebook is now planning to share a portion of the earnings from short videos with the makers of the reels. This initiative will begin on a pilot basis within the next few weeks on Facebook. Content creators will now be able to earn through Facebook by making reels.

Facebook made the decision because

In order to attract more and more content creators to its platform, Facebook has made this decision in light of the challenges Tiktok is facing in many countries. Meta reported sharing ad revenue with content creators creating reels in a pilot program.

Coming soon to India

Facebook said it would first begin sharing earnings in the US, Canada, and Mexico. In the coming weeks, it will be released in more countries. In India, which is Facebook’s largest market, the company plans to launch it soon.

In this way, advertisements will appear on the reels and earn revenue

1.) Users can watch reels without interruption and there is no interruption from advertisements under the current system. Facebook has now experimented with this new feature.

2.) A pilot program will allow content creators to choose between two ad formats.

3.) The first format is banners, and the second one is stickers. In a transparent manner, the ad will appear at the bottom of the Facebook reels. In stickers mode, the ad will appear on the reels like any other sticker.

4.) Content creators will be able to place stickers on any part of the reels they desire.

5.) You can better understand this by looking at these two pictures.

source - facebook
source – facebook

6.) In the picture, Facebook reels are shown with an ad like a sticker. – The bottom left of the picture shows it.

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