Facebook-Meta Earns the 'Worst Company of 2021' Title
Facebook-Meta Earns the 'Worst Company of 2021' Title

This is based on a survey conducted by Yahoo! This year’s worst company was Facebook, now known as Meta, according to Finance’s annual list of the best and worst companies from around the world.

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The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, which was runner-up, received 50% more support than the worst companies. Microsoft, however, was named the best company of the year.

Through Survey Monkey, a Yahoo!-powered open-ended survey was conducted. From Dec. 4 to Dec. 5, there were 1,541 visitors to the finance homepage.

Facebook and Meta were marked as the “Worst Company of the Year 2021” by individuals who were concerned about censorship. Some of these individuals felt the “free-speech-police” was unfair and they should have the right to express themselves as they please.

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According to others, the rise of far-right extreme views in recent years can be attributed to Facebook or Meta. Meta was even accused by one respondent of “undermining democracy worldwide.”

A Facebook or Meta-owned app, Instagram, has also been cited as a concern regarding children’s mental health and its impact on mental health.

In response to a comment, a respondent suggested Facebook apologize for its actions and donate a significant portion of its profits to reverse the harm it caused. Others were intrigued by the idea of the Meta rebrand, seeing it as both something new and something different from the aging social media model. Many responses referred to executives and Mark Zuckerberg as the founder and CEO.

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Only three out of ten survey participants believe that Facebook can recover from its mistakes, which indicates that the credibility of the company is also lacking.

At the other end of the spectrum, Yahoo Finance named the Microsoft Company of the Year for 2021 as a result of its $2 trillion market cap and a 53% gain in its stock price year-to-date.

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