Farah Khan will direct biopic on superstar Rajesh Khanna
Farah Khan will direct biopic on superstar Rajesh Khanna

There is great news for Rajesh Khanna fans. On-screen are all the heard and unheard stories of Kaka, who was the first superstar in the film industry. The news that a Rajesh Khanna’s biopic will be made under the direction of Bollywood’s top choreographer and director Farah Khan broke on Rajesh’s birth anniversary. Produced by Nikhil Dwivedi, ‘Dark Star: The Loneliness of Being Rajesh Khanna‘ is based on a book by Gautam Chintamani.

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Despite the fact that Rajesh Khanna is no longer with us, he is still remembered today as a legendary actor. There are so many stories about a film legend named Kaka that even today people enjoy reading and listening to about his life. Whether it is Rajesh’s love life, his generosity, as well as the craze for him among his fans, so many things are heard and heard about all facets of his life. The making of a film about the life of such an actor would be very interesting and would guarantee its success in the hands of a filmmaker of Farah Khan’s.

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On Rajesh Khanna’s biopic, Nikhil Dwivedi says, “I own the rights to Gautam Chintamani’s book Dark Star, and I am in contact with Farah Khan about making the film.” I can only give you that for now. As soon as there is a major announcement about the film, I will be sure to let you know. I am thrilled to bring Rajesh Khanna’s life to the big screen.”

Farah Khan will direct Rajesh Khanna’s biopic

“Main Hoon Na” and “Om Shanti Om” are two of Farah Khan’s blockbuster films. The news reports that the biopic’s production has been completed. The casting of a veteran actor like Rajesh Khanna on screen is not yet clear. In 1966, he made his film debut with Chetan Anand’s Aakhri Khat. He made 17 superhit films during his career. The story of his life, which began in 1966, continues to this day. Despite seeing and hearing about him, Rajesh has not broken a record. Farah Khan says that she has read Gautam’s book and that it is fascinating. The story is definitely exciting. We are still in discussions, so I cannot comment further.

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Rajesh Khanna is considered a guarantee to make any film a hit in the film industry. The women fans of Kaka have told us many stories about their eagerness to get a glimpse of their hero. A screen adaptation of these stories will be a fantastic experience in itself. A biopic produced by Nikhil Dwivedi will bring Gautam Chintamani’s book to the big screen, among other aspects. It will be a tribute to India’s first superstar.

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