Free calling service on WhatsApp Facebook Instagram may end soon
Free calling service on WhatsApp Facebook Instagram may end soon

Many of our chores are now easier because of WhatsApp calls. When their phone’s data plan runs out, users use WhatsApp calling, which simply requires an internet connection. In the future, this feature will undergo a big change.

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Currently, social networking apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram offer free calling services. However, this service might close soon. To get the public’s feedback, the central government issued the draught of the telecom bill. According to the bill, the ability to make calls or send messages via Facebook or WhatsApp will be regarded as a telecom service.

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These businesses will require a license for this. The Department of Telecom’s website provides access to the bill’s draft. The department has also asked the business community for advice on the bill in addition to this. This topic is open for comment until October 20. However, if the legislation is approved, the Department of Telecommunications will operate in accordance with it.

In fact, the nation’s telecom providers have been grousing about how providing message and calling services to customers on platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook is hurting their business. These telecom firms have claimed that their offerings fall under the category of telecom services. In such a case, the bill will be tabled in Parliament after gathering public opinion.

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New rules are added to the license

In this measure, the government has also included a few regulations pertaining to license payments. This gives the government the authority to partially or entirely waive the license fee. In addition to this, a provision has also been made for a return. if a telecom or internet service provider gives up their authorization. Such a situation entitles him to a refund. Information on whether the charge will be applied or not will currently only be obtained after the license fee.

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