Goods train collided with Kangchenjunga Express
Goods train collided with Kangchenjunga Express

Kangchenjunga Express Train Accident: In the West Bengal area of Darjeeling, a freight train collided with the Kangchenjunga Express train. In addition to numerous injuries recorded, the disaster has claimed the lives of eight people.

At the scene, relief and rescue operations are underway. Rescue squads have also arrived at the location. The incident happened close to New Jalpaiguri station, near Nijbari station.

Ashwini Vaishnav, the minister of railways, is heading to Darjeeling. He is going to check the area. Authorities from Indian Railways in Delhi are keeping an eye on the issue.

Five passengers have perished in the mishap, according to Darjeeling Police’s Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Roy. Twenty to twenty-five are hurt. The situation is dire. According to him, the Kangchenjunga Express and a freight train collided to cause the disaster.

“An unfortunate accident occurred in the North Frontier Railway Zone,” Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav stated. Rescue efforts are being conducted in a combative manner. NDRF, SDRF, and railways are collaborating. The hospital is receiving the injured. Top officials have arrived at the location.

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