Get this AC for less than 2 thousand and cool your house in minutes
Get this AC for less than 2 thousand and cool your house in minutes

The summer season has arrived. As the scorching heat increases, so do the problems of the people. The temperature is so high that even the coolers are responding. An air conditioner is the only way to escape from the heat. The AC is also unable to cool every corner of the house. Therefore, we are going to tell you about such a product, which is not only cheap but also cools a room in minutes. Let’s know…

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Ubersweet® Imported Mini Air Conditioner

The product we are discussing is a Mini Air Conditioner, or it can also be called a Personal Air Conditioner. You can carry it anywhere since it’s the size of a power bank. The small mini AC performs well at cooling. In minutes, it can cool down your workplace.

Portable Air Conditioner Price

Ubersweet Portable Air Conditioner has a launching price of Rs 3,524, but can be purchased from Amazon for Rs 1,949. Thus, it will get a discount of 45%. To access it, you can connect it with a USB cable. You can also connect it through a laptop or direct power. A stand is included with it so that the AC can easily be adjusted.

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Disclaimer: This is not a paid promotion, check all the information before buying the product.

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