Google will discontinue its Google Talk Hangouts on June 16
Google will discontinue its Google Talk Hangouts on June 16

Google Talk Hangouts, its instant messaging service, is going to shut down. It was reported to Android Police Report. Google Talk Hangouts was introduced in 2005. Several years ago, back in 2017, GTalk was halted and users were advised to use Google Hangouts instead. Though third-party apps for Pidgim and Gajim allowed users to access this messaging app, this service is closing down as of June 16, 2022.

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During that time, Google Talk competed directly with Skype and MSN. Voice and video calls were introduced through GoogleTalk. For a few days, this service was popular, but then in 2017 people were recommended to use Google Hangouts instead.

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In 2020, Google Hangouts was renamed Google Chat and Google Chat for Workspaces was introduced to replace the original Hangouts.

According to the support page for Google Talk, the company is discontinuing the service, and third-party apps will no longer be supported. Users who attempt to access this Google Talk Hangouts service after June 16 will see an error message.

This service is also stopping

As far as other matters are concerned, Microsoft’s popular Internet Explorer web browser will be closed from today (June 15). Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was first introduced with Windows 95 PC in 1995. It was initially a paid service but later became free.

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