Government action on anti-national content
Government action on anti-national content

16 YouTube news channels have been blocked for spewing anti-Indian propaganda, which threatens national security, foreign relations, and public order. There are 10 Indian channels and six Pakistani channels blocked. Under the IT Rules, 2021, emergency powers have been used to block these channels.

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They incite communal hatred, disturb public order in India, and spread false and unverified information, according to the ministry. One channel has been blocked for over 68 million views.

A community shown as terrorist

Under Rule 18 of the IT Rules, 2021, none of the digital news publishers have provided the government with the necessary information. There have been instances where a community has been depicted as a terrorist in content published on some YouTube channels in India, according to the ministry. Conflicts between religious communities were fueled by hatred. An attempt was made to disrupt public order and create communal disharmony.

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There were many false news posts about India posted on the YouTube channels Pakistan, including topics such as the Indian Army, Jammu and Kashmir, and India’s foreign policy.

Action was taken earlier also

The fact that this is not the first time the government has blocked YouTube channels is noteworthy; many more channels have been blocked in the past, citing national security concerns. As part of IT Rules 2021, the ministry recently blocked 22 YouTube channels, three Twitter accounts, one Facebook account, and one news website. Apart from spreading false information on social media, these accounts and channels spread malicious information related to India’s foreign policy, safety, and public order. There were 260 million viewers on the blocked YouTube channels.

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Also in 2021, the government took major action against Pakistan’s propaganda against the country. Twenty YouTube channels that propagate against the country have been blocked by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

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India blocks 16 YouTube channels

YouTube had been ordered by the ministry to take action against 20 channels in separate orders. Several intelligence agencies worked together with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on the operation. A planned propaganda network in Pakistan was responsible for blocking YouTube channels and websites in Pakistan.

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