Government alert about social media content
Government alert about social media content

Several Twitter channels and YouTube channels have been blocked by the Ministry of Information Technology. According to reports that he published inflammatory materials related to a fictitious cabinet meeting. In response to a complaint filed by Minister Rajiv Chandrashekhar, these steps have been taken. A large number of YouTube channels were also blocked by the government in December last year.

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73 Twitter handles, four YouTube channels, and one Instagram game have been taken down by the ministry, The Times of India reported. These handles are associated with Pakistan, according to the report. As well as providing information, Minister Chandrashekhar lodged a complaint in this regard. An angry user commented on Chandrashekhar’s Twitter account, asking that ‘action be taken against a video depicting the PM in a very violent manner.’

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Chandrashekhar specified that the ‘fake and violent’ video is in the public domain since December 2020. In response to the request, the Minister confirmed that work is being done. According to him, the Task Force on Safe and Trusted Internet has investigated the issue. A number of accounts were blocked that shared fake/inflammatory content on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, Chandrashekhar said. According to them, as required by law, they have identified the accounts’ owners for action.

Action was taken about three weeks ago

Information ministry officials blocked 20 YouTube channels and two websites at the request of Indian intelligence agencies, according to language news published on December 21, 2021. False news and propaganda are being spread by NGO opponents. On Monday, the ministry issued two orders, one ordering the blocking of 20 YouTube channels, and the other blocking two news websites.

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According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Tuesday, “The channel and its website are part of a coordinated propaganda network operating out of Pakistan and disseminating false information about sensitive topics related to India.” It was reported that these channels were used by users to post divisive content on a variety of topics, including ‘Kashmir, Indian Army, Minority Communities, Ram Mandir, General Bipin Rawat, etc.

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