Swiggy Delivery Boy 'Mrunal Kirdat' became 'Rakshak'
Swiggy Delivery Boy 'Mrunal Kirdat' became 'Rakshak'

Food delivery apps allow you to order food instantly whenever you are hungry. Eventually, the delivery boy, as he is also known, comes and hands you your food. Mrunal Kirdat is an employee of Swiggy in Mumbai who, in spite of the shortage of delivery boys, has set the example of humanity by taking the sick to the hospital. As a consequence, he is called ‘Rakshak’ rather than a delivery boy. Mohan Malik, a retired colonel, shared this full story.

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The photo posted by Swiggy on Instagram shows Colonel and Mrunal Kirdat. Along with that, the colonel is quoted as saying, “My son decided to send me to Lilavati Hospital on the 25th of December when I became seriously ill. We couldn’t move an inch because of the traffic. It was constantly my son’s plea for help that two-wheelers could take me to the hospital as fast as they could in traffic. Passersby did nothing to help.

Additionally, it is stated, ‘A Swiggy delivery boy was kind and immediately offered to drive me to the hospital. The other drivers gave way after Mrinal Kirdat shouted repeatedly. We finally made it to the hospital. A member of the hospital staff was informed by Mrunal Kirdat that the conditions were critical and asked them to begin working immediately.

‘I am healthy now after several weeks in the hospital,’ the post states. The young man who changed my life is all I am thinking of. In my opinion, he is the true ‘savior’…thanks to him and to all of the unsung heroes advancing our cause.

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Following the disclosure of the matter, Internet users are reacting fiercely. The delivery boy is being referred to as Superman by customers. However, these tales about the delivery boy are not the first of their kind. Twitter user from last year also shared his experience about Zomato delivery boy who delivered food after he lost his wallet.

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