How to Remove Copyright Claim on Instagram
How to Remove Copyright Claim on Instagram

Often you people get to see the issue of a copyright claim on Instagram, on adding a song. If you want to remove copyright claims on Instagram then this article is a boon for you. Let us first know what is copyright claim on Instagram is and how does it affect your profile?

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What is Copyright Infringement on Instagram

Copyright is a kind of intellectual property (IP) right that protects original expressions of ideas, such as books, drawings, photographs, and music.

Copyrights typically belong to the person who produced the original work. As soon as you take content (books, drawings, photographs, and music), you are the legal owner of it. Your legal ownership of the photo gives you the sole right to post the photo on your Instagram account and otherwise publish or distribute it.

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How to Remove Copyright Infringement on Instagram

How to avoid music copyright infringement on Instagram, this question comes to our mind if you are a content creator. Instagram copyright rules for music are different, and they damage your content all the time if you come across this kind of situation. To avoid music-related copyright issues on Instagram and Facebook, here are some simple steps to follow. In these easy ways, you can post music without tampering with Instagram copyright infringement. And by using these tips, you can remove music copyright claims on Instagram.

How to Avoid Instagram Music Copyright Infringement in Videos

1) Be sure to credit the creators and owners of particular tracks

2) Request original owners to share their music & photo

3) Make an appeal to Instagram if you want to use the music

4) Copyright-free music tracks can be used for Instagram videos

5) Change some beat & voice of the Original Soundtrack

And apart from this, if you are an Instagram reel creator, and every time music copyright infringement appears on the video, then read these 5 tips carefully.

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How to Remove Copyright Claim on Instagram

Here are a few simple steps, that you follow to remove the copyright claim on Instagram.

1) In the Instagram app, tap the bottom “Activity (heart)” icon.

2) By selecting the “Video Blocked” notification, you will get details. Some people can’t view your video because etc…”

3) To appeal, go to the “Notice section” and click “Appeal”.

4) Click on “Appeal” once you have entered your electronic signature and checked the “I agree” checkbox.

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Your Instagram video will be re-published after a short period of time when you receive a notification email. Your video will be returned to Instagram. Even after taking the help of the given tips, if the copyright claim is rejected on Instagram, then please take the help of social media marketing agency.

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