Using Gmail without internet is now possible
Using Gmail without internet is now possible

In a recent report, it was found that Gmail is used by 1.8 billion people. In fact, 75% of Gmail users use it on their mobile devices. Perhaps this is why Google now allows users to use Gmail offline. A new feature in Google‘s Gmail will allow users to read, reply and search their messages even without internet access, according to the California-based technology giant Mountain View.

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Especially in places with no internet connection or low connectivity, this feature of Gmail will be very helpful.

How to use Gmail without an Internet connection, here are the steps:

Step 1- Start by visiting If you’re browsing in Standard mode, and not Incognito mode, Gmail Offline will only work with Google Chrome.

Step 2- Select Settings from your inbox by clicking the Cowgwheel button.

Step 3- Choose ‘Show All Settings’.

Step 4- Click the ‘Offline’ tab, once you are on the page.

Step 5- Select ‘Enable Offline Mail’ from the list of settings. Upon clicking the checkbox, the updated settings will appear in Gmail.

Step 6- Select how many days of email you want to sync with Gmail.

Step 7- Google displays your computer’s remaining space, and you can choose to keep offline data on your computer or delete it completely.

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Step 8- After choosing between keeping or deleting offline data, click ‘Save Changes’ to activate offline Gmail on your computer.

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