Hyundai is bringing the cheapest electric car in India
Hyundai is bringing the cheapest electric car in India

An affordable electric car may soon be launched by Hyundai Motor in India. This year, Hyundai plans to launch a premium electric model in the country along with a small electric car it has been developing. In an interview with Tarun Garg, he explained that the company is preparing for charging ecosystems, sales networks, and manufacturing issues.

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To keep the electric car’s cost under control and affordable, the company will use local sourcing and manufacturing. As a result, the company will need to depend more and more on local products. Currently, there is no release date announced by the company for its new car.

The company will launch 6 electric cars

Part of the company’s master plan, which includes launching six electric vehicles in India by 2028, is to launch small electric cars. A total of Rs 4044 crore has been invested by the company in India for this project. A major objective of the initiative is to promote electric mobility in the country.

This electric car will be launched this year

The government intends to have an electric vehicle share of 30% by 2030, but they currently account for less than 1% of all car sales in India. Pollution and fuel imports are being reduced in India by the government. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric crossover will be placed on the market by the end of this year and the price will gradually be lowered, Garg said. Ioniq 5 cost around 34 lakhs in the US for its 480 km range.

Kona EV was launched in India

The Kona EV was introduced to the Indian market in 2019. Developed primarily for the Indian market, this car was initially released for testing purposes. As expected, it did not succeed. Public charging infrastructure was lacking and it was expensive. In its future EV strategy in India, the company plans to incorporate lessons learned from Kona.

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