BJP is preparing to hand over leadership to Biren Singh again
BJP is preparing to hand over leadership to Biren Singh again

Manipur Elections: The present Chief Minister N Biren Singh will remain in charge of the Bharatiya Janata Party‘s victory in the Manipur Assembly elections. Despite not naming Singh its leader, Jagat Prakash Nadda (JP Nadda), the party’s national president, has stated who will become its leader in the state legislature. Formerly, there was speculation about a change in leadership if a new government was formed in the state.

During a rally in Manipur, Nadda asked, “What was the situation five years ago, and what is it now?” The election will be based on this. It is because he had to become an MLA that we are not sending Ibomcha ji as an MLA. We will send Ibomcha Ji and Sushindro ji to the Vidhan Sabha so that N Biren Singh, along with all of the other MLAs, can take Manipur to development.”

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Earlier, Sambit Patra, the party’s state coordinator for Manipur, had indicated Singh would take over the leadership of the party. In light of Biren Singh Ji’s good governance and development, we are very proud to believe that BJP will contest the upcoming elections under his able leadership.” Patra said he had no doubt that we would become the government under your leadership with a two-thirds majority.

As well, he said the state was on the track of progress under the BJP government. The agriculture budget in Manipur has doubled in five years under the Biren Singh government. “Bandhs and blockades have ended in Manipur,” added Nadda. In the next five years, Manipur will achieve great heights with your blessings. On Thursday, the party released its manifesto in Manipur.

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In Manipur, BJP releases its election manifesto

Manipur’s BJP manifesto promises to give the people of Manipur two extra LPG cylinders, as well as free electric scooters to college-going girls. In addition to this, locals’ rights have been discussed by the party. There will be two votes in Manipur on March 28 and 5. The results will be counted on March 10.

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