Bomb threat on IndiGo flight going from Chennai to Mumbai
Bomb threat on IndiGo flight going from Chennai to Mumbai

Bomb Threat Chennai-Mumbai Flight: Important news regarding an IndiGo flight from Chennai to Mumbai has come out. A note threatening to blow up the plane with a bomb was given to the flight crew member.

The moment the security authorities received the bomb threat, they were alerted and began looking into the situation. Before the plane was searched, every passenger on the IndiGo flight safely departed. At the airport, the aircraft has been isolated, and additional measures are being implemented.

We would like to inform you that this is not the first instance of a threat to blow up an aircraft. This is the third threat that an aircraft has encountered recently.

The report indicates that on Saturday at about 8:40 am, the Mumbai airport declared an emergency. The crew member of IndiGo found a note on the flight which read – Do not land Bombay … You land bomb blast. There was a feeling following this. Security services were alerted to it right away. The passengers were evacuated safely by the established protocol. At the airport, this Indigo aircraft has been kept apart. In addition, more steps are being taken in this regard.

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