Instagram may soon introduce a new feature Candid Challenges
Instagram may soon introduce a new feature Candid Challenges

Instagram may soon roll out another feature named “Candid Challenges” after offering the “Dual Camera” function to its users. Users will be able to upload candid photos to the photo-sharing website using this function.

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The new feature will reportedly encourage users to capture and publish selfies using the Instagram app at various times of the day. These images will afterward be posted on his Instagram story.

After receiving a notification from the app, users are asked to upload their selfies at any time within a timeframe of two minutes. Alessandro Paluzzi, a tech researcher, tweeted a screenshot of this brand-new Instagram beta feature and suggested that it might only be a prototype.

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Picture to be clicked in two minutes

In a tweet, Paluzzi stated that Instagram is testing Candid Challenges, a feature that was simulated after the BeReal app. You’ll receive an alert each day at a different moment to capture and share images within two minutes if you add other people’s Instagram Candid to your story tray.

Feature inspired by BeReal

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It’s important to remember that Instagram will only allow users two minutes to publish their candid photos. Instagram’s newest feature was motivated by the well-known app “BeReal.” This function seems to be a clone of another well-known software called “BeReal,” according to reports.

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