Kejriwal government reached SC regarding water crisis in Delhi
Kejriwal government reached SC regarding water crisis in Delhi

Water Crisis In Delhi – Regarding the Delhi water crisis, the Delhi government has now knocked on the Supreme Court’s door. The government of Delhi has asked the court to mandate that Haryana provide additional water.

The Delhi government of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has informed the court that the intense heat has raised the demand for water in the city and that we should be ordered to receive extra water supplies from the adjacent state of Haryana for a month.

Additionally, the government has stated that it is up to us all to supply Delhi with the water it needs. In addition, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal requested help from the governments of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh in a tweet on Friday.

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Delhi’s Water Minister Atishi Marlena claims that Haryana is not providing its fair share of water, which is why there is a water deficit in the nation’s capital.

Additionally, Bansuri Swaraj, the BJP candidate for the Lok Sabha seat in New Delhi, stated, “The AAP government has created an artificial water crisis.” In 2013, the Delhi Jal Board made a profit of Rs 600 crore. It is currently losing Rs 73,000 crore. Arvind Kejriwal’s government should be held accountable.

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