MNS chief Raj Thackeray's ultimatum to gov, remove loudspeakers from mosques
MNS chief Raj Thackeray's ultimatum to gov, remove loudspeakers from mosques

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray on Tuesday warns the Maha Vikas Aghadi government of the state. Raj Thackeray reiterated his call to remove loudspeakers from mosques and says that the speakers in mosques should be turned off by May 3. He reiterated his request at a rally in Thane that loudspeakers be removed from mosques. The Maharashtra government was given an ultimatum to take action before May 3. Thackeray has threatened that MNS workers will play Hanuman Chalisa in front of mosques if the state government does not remove loudspeakers from mosques by May 3.

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Which religion bothers other religions: Raj Thackeray

According to Raj Thackeray, if you want to offer Namaz, then study at home. Your prayer is yours, so why are we troubling you. If you don’t understand this, we will install loudspeakers outside your mosque to broadcast Hanuman Chalisa. How many people are suffering? One, everyone is helpless, on that, they do dirt on the roads. Tell the state government that we will put Hanuman Chalisa up, so do whatever you want. Which religion bothers other religions. 365 days you are installing loudspeakers. Eid is on 3rd May, I don’t want any riots in Maharashtra. Today is April 12th. In Maharashtra, all loudspeakers should be turned off by then.

Talk to Maulanas, and you will not have any problems in the future. Even the Supreme Court’s decision will not be accepted by you. You are doing all this to vote back. I appeal to all Hindus in the country to play Hanuman Chalisa wherever they chant on loudspeakers after 3rd May and to play Hanuman Chalisa outside their mosques.

Loudspeakers should be switched off by May 3

At the rally, Raj Thackeray also supported Uniform Civil Code. The need to control population growth was stressed by him. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi should implement a Uniform Civil Code in this country,” Thackeray said. According to him, a law should be passed to stop the population growth. Thackeray referred to this as a social issue and said that he would not back down on this. He challenged the Shiv Sena government saying, “Do whatever you want.

“MNS chief says mosques’ loudspeakers must be turned off by May 3, otherwise, we will play Hanuman Chalisa. This is not a religious issue, but a social issue since loudspeakers cause trouble for everyone. Let the state government know we will not back down in this matter; whatever you wish to do, please do.”

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