Microsoft Introduces a New Viva Engage App Similar to Facebook
Microsoft Introduces a New Viva Engage App Similar to Facebook

Microsoft has unveiled a brand-new Facebook-like Viva Engage app within Teams. Viva Engage has a Facebook-like vibe. It promotes workplace camaraderie, self-expression, and online chit-chat. This has a storyline part where you may contribute conversational articles, movies, images, and other things.

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The Facebook News Feed and Viva Engage’s Story Line sections both function similarly. Its goal is to provide a Facebook-like experience at work. People can use Facebook and Workplace here. It can be used by staff to disseminate news or items of interest.

Users will be able to share stories

Microsoft Teams has established itself as the standard platform for workplace collaboration and communication, and staff members from all operating channels have embraced Teams quickly. Teams have also added social networking services for these employees at the same time. Additionally, Viva Engage will include stories. Employees will be able to share stories using Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage in a manner similar to how they do it on Instagram.

Hybrid work culture flourished

Without a question, the hybrid work culture has evolved significantly as a result of the corona pandemic. The demand for tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack has surged as a result of the hybrid work culture. There has been a rapid growth in the use and adoption of Microsoft Teams.

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