Here is Nothing Ear Stick design
Here is Nothing Ear Stick design

The company ‘Nothing‘ founded by Carl Pei is renowned for its innovative designs. A new product is currently being developed by the company. After Diwali, Nothing Ear Stick will release its truly wireless earbuds. An announcement has been made regarding its launch date.

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On October 26, the Nothing Ear Stick will go on sale. This is the business’s second offering in the audio market. The business had released earbuds as its initial offering. who had their name given by the business Nothing Ear (1).

Nothing Ear Stick has been making headlines for a while. Now, there have been numerous disclosures and information concerning this. However, the business has now formally announced its launch. In addition, details regarding the Nothing Ear Stick’s design have been made public.

Unique Design Charging Case

Along with the earphones, its charging case was seen in the teaser. Like the Nothing Phone (1), it has a different-looking charging case. The teaser made clear that it did not resemble existing earphone cases. Its structure resembles a long tube.

The earbuds, however, resemble Ear (1). A year ago, Nothing Ear (1) was released. There are no details about the features of the ear sticks provided by the company. However, basic functionality like app support, noise suppression, and other features are thought to be addable.

Additionally, no details regarding its cost have been made public. However, Nothing Ear (1) is currently available in India for Rs 7,199. The company just debuted the Nothing Phone (1) in India.

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