New rules of LPG gas cylinder
New rules of LPG gas cylinder

The clients’ allotment of household LPG gas cylinders has now been determined. The new regulation limits customers to purchasing only 15 cylinders annually. In a given year, no consumer will receive more than 15 cylinders. Customers will only be permitted to take two cylinders per month in addition to this. No more than two cylinders will be given to customers. No monthly or annual quota for obtaining the cylinder has yet been established.

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According to Moneycontrol’s news, the new rule states that there will only be 12 subsidized cylinders every year. A cylinder won’t qualify for a subsidy if you purchase it for more than this amount. The remaining cylinders must be purchased at full price.

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Cylinder can be expensive

LPG costs could go up starting on October 1. During the price review that will take place on October 1st, natural gas prices may be raised. The government sets the price of gas once every six months. The government performs this action every year on 1 April and 1 October. Market rates determine the price of gas in countries where it is a surplus. Furthermore, CNG may become more expensive. Natural gas alone is used to produce LPG and CNG.

Commercial cylinder was cheaper

An LPG cylinder of 19 kilograms costing Rs 1,976.50 last month was reduced by Rs 36. There are many commercial establishments that use commercial LPG cylinders, such as hotels, restaurants, and other establishments. Since May, the price of commercial LPG has been reduced four times. In total, Rs 377.50 has been saved per cylinder. The cost of LPG gas used for residential cooking has not changed aside from this.

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