3 arrested in Surat for posting controversial posters of Nupur Sharma
3 arrested in Surat for posting controversial posters of Nupur Sharma

Surat Police has detained 3 people for spreading hatred and 5 people by Rajkot Police. Posters of Suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma with a shoe print on his remarks on Prophet Mohammad were put up. In this case, Atwa Police of Surat has arrested 3 people.

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These people had also made this message viral on WhatsApp that what happened in Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand, was repeated in Gujarat too. The video message went viral on WhatsApp for the last 2-3 days, in which two people were seen putting posters printed on Nupur Sharma’s shoes. At the same time, this message spreading hatred also went viral in which it was written that 40-50 posters printed on Nupur Sharma’s shoes will not do anything and the poster is needed.

The police have detained Mohammad Tafiq, Mohammad Rafiq Sheikh, and Saddam Rauf Syed (residents of Jamalsha’s Mohalla, Kadsha ni Nal) from Chand Subedar Building, Nanpur after a thorough investigation of the viral video and the controversial message. In the viral video, these posters were seen pasting. During the interrogation of these two, the police got Imran Habib Khan Pathan, who is an employee of a printing press in the city, in this printing press itself the controversial posters of Nupur Sharma were made.

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Police scrutinized CCTV footage in Rajkot

Similarly, 5 people have been detained in Rajkot for pasting controversial posters demanding the arrest of Nupur Sharma. In the CCTV footage, these people were seen putting up posters near Hussaini Chowk in Ramnathpara of the city. Significantly, some people of the Muslim community had given a memorandum to the Rajkot collector and demanded the arrest of Nupur Sharma in the case of controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad. Meanwhile, the Jahanpura police have arrested 48 people for protesting against the arrest of Nupur Sharma. The women police force was also deployed.

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