Om Birla became the Speaker of Lok Sabha
Om Birla became the Speaker of Lok Sabha

Om Birla, a BJP MP, was chosen as the 18th Lok Sabha‘s speaker. Om Birla was the candidate PM Modi suggested for the position of Speaker of the Lok Sabha. By voice vote, NDA MPs approved it.

Om Birla received congratulations from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his election as Speaker. He pronounced, “I commend the House as a whole. We all think you will lead us during the next five years. The House is also made glad by the lovely smile on your face.” PM Modi said, holding the post of Speaker for the second time in the 18th Lok Sabha has become a record in itself.

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Rahul Gandhi congratulated Opposition Leader in the Lok Sabha Om Birla on being elected Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Rahul Gandhi stated that the government has the statistics throughout this time. However, the Indian people’s voice is also represented by the opposition. Rahul stated that the opposition’s voice must be given a platform in the House. Rahul stated, “I am sure you will let us speak in the House. The opposition would like to assist you in your work.”

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