Paresh Rawal summoned by Kolkata Police
Paresh Rawal summoned by Kolkata Police

Paresh Rawal, a BJP leader and actor from Bollywood, is in difficulty. The actor recently made a statement about Bengalis, which is why his problems are getting worse.

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According to rumors, Mohammad Salim, the Left’s state secretary, reported the incident to the police. The politician had charged the actor with uttering divisive remarks about Bengalis during a BJP election rally in Gujarat.

A police report has been filed against the actor. Additionally, the police have requested that Paresh attend the Taltala police station in Kolkata by 2:00 PM on December 12 for questioning. According to the source, the actor Paresh Rawal has received a notice from the police under section 41A of the CrPC.

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Please let people know that Paresh Rawal spoke at a rally in Gujarat’s Valsad. During that time, he discussed the more expensive gas cylinders. Additionally, details on the pricey cylinder were clarified.

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Gas cylinders are pricey now, but that would change in the future, he had stated. People will also find work, but what will happen when Bangladeshis and Muslims from Rohingya start settling nearby? same as it is in Delhi. After that, what will you do with the gas cylinder? For the Bengalis, will you prepare fish? After giving this speech, Paresh Rawal has drawn a lot of criticism. After that, Paresh apologized and said that he meant to say “Bangladeshis and Rohingyas” when he made the initial remark.

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