Patanjali shares have made investors rich
Patanjali shares have made investors rich

Shares of Patanjali Foods are multibagger stocks. This stock has provided investors with multibagger profits in just three years. The company has also set the record date for its dividend, which will be paid on September 26, at Rs 5 per share to shareholders. The Patanjali organization will also be launching 4 IPOs in the near future, according to recent statements made by Baba Ramdev.

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In the past three months, Patanjali Foods’ stock has increased by 38%. In the past six months, investors have earned 46% on this stock. In terms of the year 2022, this stock has already generated profits for investors of 56%. In one year, it returned 26% to investors, and in three years, it returned 39,250% multibagger to investors.

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Money did 4 times in 3 years

In the past three years, Patanjali Foods has provided investors with incredible profits. Three years ago, an investor put one lakh rupees into this stock; currently, the value of that investment is 3,99,717 rupees. In a similar vein, the investor who put Rupees 1 lakh into Patanjali Foods a year ago now receives Rupees 1,26,000 in return.

Market capitalization crosses 50 thousand crores

Last week, the price of Patanjali Foods Limited’s stock touched Rs 1,415. Its 52-week high is right now. With this, Patanjali’s market capitalization once surpassed the mark of Rupees 50,000 crores. In a press conference last week, Baba Ramdev predicted that Patanjali’s revenue will increase 2.5 times, to Rs 1 lakh crore, during the following five to seven years.

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Group to bring 4 new IPOs

In a recent press conference, Baba Ramdev mentioned that the group company Patanjali Foods is now traded on the stock market. Four other group companies will go public in the following five years. The companies that will be listed include Patanjali Ayurved, Patanjali Medicine, Patanjali Lifestyle, and Patanjali Wellness.

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