Popular horror-thriller franchise Polimera 3 announced
Popular horror-thriller franchise Polimera 3 announced

Fans of the gripping horror-thriller franchise “Polimera” can rejoice! Director Anil Vishwanath has officially announced the third part of the series, titled “Polimera 3.”

Not only will “Polimera 3” see the return of the beloved franchise, but it will also mark the debut of distributor Vamsi Nandipati as a producer.

The announcement reveals that the script for “Polimera 3” is already complete, and pre-production work has begun. To add to the anticipation, details about the star-studded cast have also been unveiled. “Polimera 3” boasts an ensemble cast featuring Satyam Rajesh, Baladitya, Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Getup Srinu, and Rakendu Mouli.

For fans of the original “Polimera,” there’s another piece of good news. Bhogendra Gupta, the producer of the first film, will be associated with “Polimera 3” as its co-producer.

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With the promise of a thrilling story, a talented cast, and experienced production backing, “Polimera 3” is already generating a buzz among horror enthusiasts. Stay tuned for further updates on the film’s release date and more!

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