Rain wreaks havoc in Uttar Pradesh
Rain wreaks havoc in Uttar Pradesh

Rain in Uttar Pradesh is continuing to cause havoc. 19 individuals have already died as a result of the constant rain. In 31 districts of Uttar Pradesh, IMD has issued a rain alert, and rain is expected during the next seven days.

The temperature is dropping as a result of the persistent rain. In various districts across the state, orders have been issued to close schools and institutions due to the IMD notice. CM Yogi has directed the officials of the alert districts to act quickly in light of the rain alarm. Up until September 14, significant heavy rain has been anticipated by the meteorological department.

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In the districts hit by the rain, a total of 4 teams from the NDRF, SDRF, and PAC are engaged in search and rescue operations. A total of 69674 dry ration kits, 448670 lunch packets, and 3150 dignity kits have also been supplied to help the populace. In all the sensitive districts, Rahat Chaupal is being arranged at a total of 5014 locations.

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