Gold And Silver Prices Today
Gold And Silver Prices Today

The price of gold is rising today in the domestic futures market, despite the decline in the worldwide market. However, since this morning, silver has been under pressure, and its price has fallen below 57,000.

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As of this morning, the futures price for 24-carat purity increased by 149 rupees to Rs 51,652 per 10 kilos at the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). Earlier, gold trading had begun publicly at a price of Rs 51,644, but due to a spike in demand, its price quickly rose to almost Rs 51,700. The price of gold has increased by 0.29 percent since it last closed.

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Silver also showed a jump

This morning, silver prices are exhibiting a decline. The price of silver in futures contracts on the MCX has decreased by Rs 155 to Rs 56,760 per kilogram. Earlier, the silver trade had begun in earnest at a price of Rs 56,655, but as demand grew, shortly its prices reached Rs 56,700. The price of silver is currently down 0.27 percent from its previous closing level.

Prices also increased in the global market

Gold and silver prices are falling on the worldwide market today. The current price of gold in the US market was $ 1,7638.22 per ounce, down 0.10 percent from yesterday’s closing price. In a similar vein, silver’s spot price has dropped 0.75 percent from its previous closing price to $19.68 per ounce. Earlier in the day, gold and silver prices had been rising; however, they dropped by 573 and 1,300 rupees on Tuesday.

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