Supreme Court upholds 10% EWS quota
Supreme Court upholds 10% EWS quota

The Supreme Court has affirmed the requirement of a 10% reservation for the general category’s economically weaker portions. Three of the five judges on the court have ruled in favor of the 2019 103rd Amendment to the Constitution. In the Supreme Court, it is considered one of the most significant victories for the Modi government.

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Actually, by changing the constitution, the federal government had provided a provision for a 10% reservation for the economically poorer portions of the general category. A case challenging the reservation provisions of the 103rd Constitutional Amendment was heard by the Supreme Court. Three judges in a five-judge panel—Justices Dinesh Maheshwari, Bela Trivedi, and JB Pardiwala—ruled in favor of the EWS reservation. Justice Ravindra Bhatt and Chief Justice UU Lalit have both expressed concern with the EWS reservation.

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Support was given by three judges

The EWS reservation ruling was maintained by Justices Dinesh Maheshwari, Bela Trivedi, and JB Pardiwala. When expressing his opinion, Justice Dinesh Maheshwari noted that the key question was whether the EWS reservation violated the fundamental principles of the Constitution. Is it against the fundamental spirit to exclude SC, ST, and ObC? According to him, the Constitution is not violated by the EWS quota. The reservation for EWS is accurate. It doesn’t contravene any constitutional clauses. It doesn’t go against the Indian Constitution’s fundamental principles.

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I concur with Justice Dinesh Maheshwari’s position, remarked Justice Bela Trivedi. The last line is not reserved, according to Justice Pardiwala. This is the first step toward achieving equality for everybody.

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