New T1 settlement rules
New T1 settlement rules

New T+1 Settlement Rules: For stock market investors, there is some extremely important news. You will find it simpler to transact business starting today.

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From January 27, 2023, the T+1 mechanism will be used for deal settlement in the Indian stock market. Currently, the country’s stock market uses the T+3 system, which lengthens the transaction procedure. By using this new procedure, the sale and purchase of shares will be finalized the day after the deal or within 24 hours.

What is the meaning of T+1?

Let me clarify that T here stands for trade day. Currently, the shares or money in an investor’s account take two days (known as T+2) after the transaction. This method enables a transaction to be completed in three days. By this T+1 settlement, the deal will be completed by the next business day.

Small investors will get the benefit

According to experts, T+1 will notably help small investors. The sum of shares will appear in their account the next day if the transaction is completed in a single day. With this, he will be able to acquire fresh shares or sell the ones he has already bought on that particular day.

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