Tata Group will get the command of Air India
Tata Group will get the command of Air India

Tata will receive the aviation company Air India from the Indian government today. Tata group has started the preparations for the inaugural of Air India. In an effort to make a fresh start, the Tata Group is introducing enhanced meal services on four Air India flights departing from Mumbai. Tata group flights, however, will no longer operate as Air India starting Thursday. Today is the day that the company transfer will be completed.

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We will announce the date when all Air India flights will operate under the Tata Group banner.

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PTI reports that the Indian government is planning to hand over Air India to the Tata group on Thursday. After almost 69 years apart, Air India has returned to the Tata group. Tata Group will be offering its services in Air India from today. For this reason, advanced meal service will be provided on select flights. On Thursday, advance meal service will be available on four flights: AI864 (Mumbai-Delhi), AI687 (Mumbai-Delhi), AI945 (Mumbai-Abu Dhabi) and AI639 (Mumbai-Bengaluru). Tata Group executives developed a cutting-edge meal service, which we will gradually expand.

Air India bought the aircraft for 18000 crores

Tata Group purchased Air India, the loss-making government airline, by bidding for Rs 18000 crore. Tales Pvt Ltd acquired Air India on October 8 for Rs 18000 crore. Tata Group owns this company.

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The Tata Group’s plans for Air India

Tata Group has developed several plans to bring loss-making Air India back on track. One of these is a one-time performance in which the doors of the aircraft are closed 10 minutes before takeoff. We will focus on the timely flight of the aircraft. Additionally, the service provided to passengers will be improved.

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