This Rajasthani song is going viral in Valentine's week
This Rajasthani song is going viral in Valentine's week

The month of love is in full swing in the spring, and today the most romantic couple Vivek Keshari and Chitralekha Sen star in a great Rajasthani song, ‘Siri Ban Jaauli’. A wonderful song. In this music video from the Rajasthani channel ‘Meri Tune Rajasthani’, the School Wali Love Story is the highlight.

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Valentine’s Week lovers will find in this romantic song a very unique love story. Vivek Keshari, an artist with terrific reels, said this song is absolutely stunning. It will be loved by everyone. We enjoy working on it. Even though it’s in Rajasthani, the heart is all about emotion. The language shouldn’t stand in the way of this, so everyone should see it at once.

In this song, Kavira shows off his unique style. Ishaan Kapoor and Kunal Verma produce it. Kunal Verma composed the lyrics and the music. Production is by B Show, and backing vocals are by Salim Khan. The director is Sumit Kumar. He is Sanjay Bhushan Patiala. Honey Vriks is the editor. Choreographers are Kush and Heena.

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