Twitter added new search button feature
Twitter added new search button feature

Microblog platform Twitter has added a new search button function within users’ profiles so they can find particular tweets on a specific account more easily.

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It was first noticed by industry commentator Matt Navarra, and now users everywhere are reporting that the feature has begun rolling out. Adding a button on the profile will make it easier for users to find tweets from a specific user, though it is not the first time we are being able to do this.

As of now, users could type “from:(Twitter handle) (search term)” into the Twitter search box in order to look for specific tweets from a specific user. Despite being new, this new feature gives people more options when it comes to searching for something they tweeted a long time ago.

Right above the three-dot menu button (over the cover image), there is now a search icon in the top right corner of Twitter profiles. At the moment, only iOS users can take advantage of this feature, but it is expected to be made available to Android users soon. Twitter recently added another feature to its service, and this is just the latest.

Earlier this month, the company rolled out Super Follow globally for iOS users. By Super Following, users are able to access bonus content from their favorite influencers.

Recently, Twitter began letting all users host a Space. A Space is an audio-only chatroom. Communities are similar to Facebook Groups and Reddit, and Twitter began introducing them earlier this year.

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