UIDAI launches Aadhaar Mitra
UIDAI launches Aadhaar Mitra

Our Aadhaar card is a critical piece of paperwork. It is used whenever ID proof is necessary, including in banks and airports. You may now very simply get answers to your inquiries thanks to a new function that UIDAI has developed.

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Sometimes information gets wrong by mistake, so it needs to be corrected. People start circling the base center in such a circumstance. UIDAI has included an AI-supported chatbot in the application keeping this in mind. You can use this chatbot to ask questions about your issue.

Its name is Aadhaar Mitra

This chatbot function is known as Aadhaar Mitra by UIDAI. With this, you will be able to understand how to alter your information very simply. We’ll tell you that using Aadhaar Mitra, you may quickly and simply check the status of your PVC card order, Aadhaar location, registration, updates of any kind, and complaints.

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UIDIA gave information by tweeting

How to use Aadhaar Mitra

  • You need to start by going to www.uidai.gov.in.
  • The Aadhaar Mitra box will now be shown on the homepage. The chatbot will be on the right side near the bottom.
  • The chatbot box must now be tapped in order to be opened.
  • You must now select Get Started.
  • You may now use the search box to ask a question.
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