WhatsApp Banned over 20 Lakh Indian accounts in august
WhatsApp Banned over 20 Lakh Indian accounts in august

As per a WhatsApp compliance report published in August, the messaging platform banned roughly 20 Lakh Indian accounts while receiving 420 complaints. During the period under review, WhatsApp banned 20,70,000 Indian accounts, according to its latest report.

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Indian accounts are identified by their +91 phone numbers, it explained. Previously, Facebook reported that more than 95% of bans were caused by spam messages sent automatically or in bulk. WhatsApp bans an average of around 8 million accounts per month in order to prevent abuse across its platform.

In its latest report, WhatsApp reported receiving 420 user feedbacks across 105 account-related reports, 222 ban appeals, 34 other reports, 42 product reports, and 17 safety reports during august. Based on the report, 41 accounts were “acted upon” during this period.

WhatsApp specifies that “Accounts Actioned” pertains to reports that have been dealt with by the company. A complaint resulted in either an account being banned or restoring an account that had been previously banned and the complaint was cleared.

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More than 3 million Indian accounts have been banned by WhatsApp, while 594 grievance reports have been lodged by the platform between June 16 and July 31.

New IT rules that came into effect on May 26 mandate that large digital platforms (over 5 million users) publish compliance reports every month, detailing the complaints they receive and the actions they take.

Before, WhatsApp had emphasized that due to its end-to-end encryption, it did not have access to messages’ contents. Aside from behavioral signals from the accounts, it relies on unencrypted information, including reports, profile photos, group photos, and descriptions, as well as AI tools in order to detect and prevent abuse on its platform, said the company.

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