14-year-old Boy Sells Dahi Kachori in Ahmedabad
14-year-old Boy Sells Dahi Kachori in Ahmedabad

It has become quite emotional on the internet after a video clip about an Ahmedabad street food vendor surfaced. The viral video of the 14-year-old boy, who selling Dahi Kachori at roadside stall Ahmedabad to support the family. Food blogger Doyash Pathrabe shared this photo on Instagram.

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Doyash shared a video clip of a little boy making Dahi Kachori at his stall opposite the Maninagar Railway station.

“Do help him. He is just 14 years old and selling Dahi Kachori only at Rs 10. Opposite Maninagar Railway station, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. So so proud. Need this to be shared and help him. He is just 14 and is helping his family and working hard on it,” the caption of the post reads.

After watching this video, people are going to eat Dahi Kachori in large numbers to help the boy. The viral video is also receiving different reactions from thousands of users. The public recognized the strength of his spirit, and a number of initiatives were made to help him.

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It was told that this 14-year-old boy is selling Dahi Kachori near the railway station to feed his family. People have not only saluted this child’s spirit but also stepped forward to assist him when its video and story went viral on social media.

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