Nitin Jani aka Khajur Bhai
Nitin Jani aka Khajur Bhai

As Covid erupted in our country, it disrupted things from bad to worse. A bad economy and a collapsed market impacted the economy. The shutdown of the markets and other economic losses caused too many people to suffer. The sudden health crisis caused people to suffer greatly.

From starvation to loss of life, the country has experienced bad times during the Pandemic. People were served by some real heroes in the past. Nitin Jani urf Khajur Bhai is a well-known Gujarati comedian, Instagram and YouTube star, who took initiative to help the people in need.

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During the Covid times, he spent all his earnings on helping the starving people, from providing them with medicine to getting them cooked food to grocery shopping and even giving them fares for their journey. Now, he has organized help to those affected through his NGO called the Janidada Foundation.

In addition to helping the poor, he has also helped the downtrodden. Through his foundation, Nitin Jani wants to help them a lot. During the Tauktae Cyclone in Gujarat, the comedian also helped people.

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Numerous people lost their homes during the cyclone. Comedy king took a plunge in such a situation to help people in need. He offered to help the people in any way he could. His rebuilding homes mission consists of building 200 sustainable homes for the needy.

Nitin Jani has constructed 125 homes so far with the help of his team and he is tirelessly working. He has created a big brand in social and charitable activities thanks to the creation of his foundation.

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