When will the applications for Agniveer recruitment start
When will the applications for Agniveer recruitment start

Agneepath Scheme: In order to recruit for the Indian Army, the Central Government has launched the Agneepath Scheme. So the process of recruiting Agniveer into the three armies should begin shortly. All three armies have published plans for this purpose. Announcing the start of recruitment and the training of the first batch of Agniveers this year. A number of senior leaders were present, including Air Marshal SK Jha, Vice Admiral Dinesh Tripathi, and Lieutenant General Bansi Ponnappa.

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In the Air Force, the registration process for the first batch of Agniveer recruits will begin in June 2022, according to Air Marshal SK Jha. Candidates who are selected for the online process will be interviewed on July 24. Candidates who qualify for training will be notified after the examination. The deadline for applications is 30 December 2022.

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25,000 Agniveers will be recruited into the army this year by the first week of December, according to Lieutenant General Bansi Ponnappa. By February 2023, the number will reach 40.000 when the second batch of candidates is recruited.

The training will take place at INS Chilka

Vice Adm. Dinesh Tripathi recently stated that both males and females will be recruited as Agniveers in the Navy. On 21 November 2022, the first batch of Agniveer will arrive at INS Chilka in Odisha. Here, the Agniveers will receive training.

Recruiting will take place this year for 46000 Agniveers

It is expected that 46000 Agniveers will be recruited in Agneepath’s first year. Approximately one lakh Agniveers will be recruited in the next four – five years.

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